Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Your Argument Is Valid, I Just Don't Care - Thoughts on Taste and Arguments

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
You know at this point, regardless of whether or not I actually liked this movie, my investment in movie tickets and the Blu-ray have really paid of at this point considering all the material I got out of the Amazing Spider-Man 2. All joking aside, this movie must have inspired me in a good dozen videos and articles so far, all of different aspects, be it actors, the MCU, Hollywood box office results, and now taste. But don't worry, I'm gonna crap on your opinion on the new Fantastic Four movie as well so please keep reading.

This article wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for certain individuals on the EuroBloggers Facebook group. You know who you are. So anyway, we got talking about, well, a lot of stuff, but several times so far we've come to the point of talking about the superhero movies starring Marvel characters currently not owned by Disney/Marvel, aka Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. We got talking about the good parts of the movies, about the parts we didn't like... but two of them stood out for me, namely our talks on the problems ASM2 had, and their issues with the new Fantastic Four movie. Their main issues with ASM2 being that it felt disjointed and that the subplot with Peter's parents, including the elaborate underground lair, was completely pointless. I agreed. Then we got to the Fantastic Four movie, a
Fantastic Four (2015)
movie some won't see because they consider it a betrayal of the characters they really like, and that the movie is just being made in a cynical attempt to hold onto the rights to the Fantastic Four and keep them from Marvel Studio's grasp. I agreed again. But here's the twist: I realized, in that moment, that I really don't care about these points, well argued and right as they may be.

Taste, is relative. I can readily conceit that you made a valid argument and I can appreciate your points of view, dear observant reader, in a variable amount of ways. You may even be right, your arguments may just be better than mine. But here is something to consider: I don't have to care. Yes, I agree that that subplot in ASM2 was stupid, I agree that the new Fantastic Four movie may not be the movie fans want, I agree that the rights of all these characters should revert to Marvel. Or, even going outside of Marvel, I see why you don't like Arrow, or do like Star Trek Into Darkness, all the points you might have brought up at some point.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
But I don't care about your valid arguments. And you may not care about mine, and neither of us may convince the other ever. We have different tastes, we have lived different lives, I might not have grown up with the Fantastic Four and can thus appreciate the movie as a movie rather than childhood dream/nightmare fulfillment, I can love the good things about ASM2 and consider your valid complaints a footnote in what is the crux of the story for me, I can rage over the utter betrayal and travesty of Star Trek Into Darkness while you enjoy the ride - and this can go on and on for all eternity and we will never convince each other.

So why argue? Why argue at all? Well for one, because arguing is a great way to pass the time to the grave, but also because it does give us inside into other people's perspective. I may not agree with your point, but I can appreciate it. It's something called empathy. But just because I appreciate your point and can relate to your position, understand where you come from and see that there was a shitty subplot in an otherwise excellent (for me at least) movie. But I want to hear about it anyway, annoyed as I may be at your obvious wrongness. Arguing about something does not only hone your rhetorical skills, it also gives you insight into something you may not have thought about before. And that's not just in geek circles, that also applies to other areas in live, be it politics or just about anything else. You don't have to get angry about my opinion, I don't have to get angry about your opinion. Your line of argument is excellent to a fault, there is no logical counter to it. I just don't care.

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