Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh Internet Outrage, How Do I Loath Thee - On Internet Troubles and Real World Suffering

Oh internet, internet, thy outrages about race and sex, about opression and repression, how do I love thee... okay enough with that pseudo Shakespeare shit, let's just get this over with before the pitch forks come out.

If you visited any site on the internet at all during the last few months and years, you will have noticed articles upon articles decrying problems with representation in Hollywood. Just recently I found an article decrying the fact that the movie "Aloha" with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone apparently plays in an all white Hawaii. Yeah, that's awkward. Or that the Jared Let's Joker slaps Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in a scene of the new Suicide Squad movie, the lack of female characters in certain movies, comics, TV shows, and games, or the lack of any or all minorities in the same. I get that. And I appreciate that humanists and feminists get up in arms about it, it shows that you are aware of the media's bullshit and will not take it. Personally, though I have decided long ago not to bother complaining about the media, instead, I wanna get outraged over something like this:

Acid attack victim, Cambodia (Wikipedia)
Or this:

Slaves building football arenas in Qatar (Reuters)
You get the idea. Right now, on this planet, the western nations in which most of the people live that get outraged about the lack of representation, are either complicit or willfully ignorant of actual civil rights violations, abuse, torture, and outright slavery in order to maximize profits and afford a lifestyle that makes it possible to take away time every day to complain about the lack of representation in the media. I will not shed tears for any number of articles decrying ass shots in video games or that there are not enough black characters in a movie, I will save my tears to mourn the people lost in the real world. Lives that could be saved if the energy put in organizing panels discussing the symptoms rather than tackling the disease head on. If you are outraged by these articles I personally cannot give two shits about, then that's fine, it's better than apathy, but maybe dial it down by 50% and spent time sharing articles about women being attacked with acid or have their genitalia mutilated, or guest workers being effectively forced into slavery by having their passports revoked and their pay withheld. Maybe then I can also give a shit about representation in the media.

(PS: Sorry if this came across as harsh, if you post these articles then I don't wanna insult or piss you off, but I needed to say this.)

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