Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fantastic Four (2015): A Mini Review

I think we will be talking about this film in great lengths yet on the podcast but I think it might be worth to get my take on it out. So here goes:

This is a movie whose greatest fault is not being a Marvel Studios movie, hated years in advance of it’s release for not being a Marvel Studios movie, thus taken away from it’s director’s original Cronenbergian vision and via executive mandate stripped of it’s character development and interesting aspects to be turned into a Marvel non-Studios film. What remains is a proof of concept where there should have been a proper movie. What remains is a serviceable adventure scifi flick that should have been a hard scifi film. It’s not worth praise but it’s not worth the outright bile thrown in it’s direction either.
At worst this is an uninspired scifi movie with good ideas. It's not a travesty, it's not a betrayal: nerds, get over yourselves. 

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