Monday, February 8, 2016

“Fear Itself”: That awkward moment when a TV show you like accidentally implies kids are better off dead than autistic

         Content warning: Discussions of abuse of disabled children, including a fairly upsetting and nauseating picture, ahead
So, as the members of the official N.E.R.D. Facebook page know, I recently watched the USA show The 4400 for the first time. I had watched it here and there while it was airing but neither of my parents cared for it and they controlled the TV at either home. (See Jeff, someof us kids these days know the struggle.) Realizing that the writers and producers consisted of a significant portion of the writing/production staff for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, AKA my favorite TV show ever, only cemented my interest and I was glad to queue it up on Netflix. Very briefly, it’s the story of 4,400 individuals from around the world and across sixty years of time who disappeared mysteriously, but return all in one day from a glowing ball of light over Mount Ranier. Some of them have superpowers. I have never seen Heroes but I am told this is basically a better executed version of that. I highly recommend the show, all though I have to warn you about two things. 1. It ends on a massive cliffhanger, so if you have closure issues skip this one. 2. This freaking episode.
         Considering I just gave the show a glowing recommendation, I’m going to try to minimize spoilers for the series as a whole, but considering this is a season four episode and it’s a continuity-heavy show, some series spoilers are necessary for context. If spoilers are a huge problem for you, maybe bookmark this blog and read it at some time later after seeing the show for yourself. Also, as with the “I Am Not a Monster” blog, this blog will have some strong language because … this freaking episode is awful.
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