Monday, March 28, 2016

8 Most Impactful Movies

Time to move over more stuff from the old blog before that goes kaputt. 

I always stop myself from making up a Top 10 Movies of all times list whenever someone asks me about it. Think is, it's kinda hard, especially when you are a film buff like I am. I'd also only put in genre movies, scifi and fantasy classics. More Robocop and less Casablanca, you know. And while that list may some day still come, in the meanwhile enjoy my list of the 8 Most Impactful Movies (that even a word? should be), the movies that, while not necessarily my favourites, but had nonetheless the biggest impact on me and how I experience movies. So don't be surprised when most of them turn out to be childhood movies, or movies I watched at a young age. I found out, that those actually rather stay with you than a Citizen Kane. Oh and don't be surprised that no Star Trek Movie is on this list, as I have more memories of watching TNG growing up rather than the movies. So here's the list in alphabetical order:

Back to the Future

I cannot remember anymore when I first saw this movie, but this has to be one of the most entertaining and watchable movies of all time. I've probably seen this one more often than anything else and if it weren't for Robocop this would probably be my favourite movie of all time, but as it stands its only my second most favourite. I just adore this film, I love the pacing, I love the characters, I love the story, the setting, everything about this movie just fits.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Its this and not Raiders because I saw this one first, one of the earliest action movies I can remember. I mean, really, its Indiana Jones what else can I say?. For a long time after this I wanted to become an adventure archaeologist until I found out that there wasn't much adventuring since the 40's anymore, but hey I'm still studying history... so this movie might have actually shaped my academic career as well as my taste in movies? Now that is impressive.

Iron Man

Yeah, these seem kinda recent to actually have such an impact on me, but there is a story to it. And yes, its cheap to choose to movies, but there is a connecting story to it, that's why I put these together.
Back in 2008, before I went and saw the first Iron Man, I wasn't really into comics or superheroes besides Batman and Spider-Man. I knew of Iron Man because of the short-lived 90's cartoon as well as other characters, but they didn't really appeal to me, most superhero movies still sucked or weren't appealing enough to change my mind. Then I saw Iron Man... and I was hooked. A great movie with great actors, great characters, the setting felt finally like a comic book universe, I could go on and on but this is still my gold standard for a superhero movie. It has its flaws in the third act, sure, but overall it does everything else so right, that I cannot help but adore this one. This movie made me interested in comics in general, not just Marvel but also DC. Shortly after I finally began reading comics, but that is another story. 


I said before that this is my favourite movie of all time, I kinda failed to mention why. Well, mainly because its really hard to describe why. Maybe because this is really were it all started for me. I've probably seen this movie way too early in my life considering its rating, but for whatever reason I stuck with me and influenced by taste in movies. As I grew older I watched it again and found how deep it actually is, the themes of rebirth and revenge, seeing that a deep scifi movie can also be highly entertaining. A satire of consumerism, the anti-corporate message, the symbolism, the characters, Paul Verhoeven's strange sense of humour, all of this really shaped my own view of the world but also my views on fiction. So yeah, it kinda made an impact on me.


This one is actually rather straight-forward. This movie made me interested in the Stargate franchise, it was the first tv show I actually made an effort to watch, to become a fan. I joined the fandom in my teens and started writing fanfiction thanks to this wonderful universe, which in turn awakened my creativity and made me wanna write stories, which made me write my first novel and setup an entire universe that I may never write in because I'm such a lazy procrastinator. This is why this movie is so important for me. It's not in my list of favourite movies, heck no, its actually kinda weak looking back, but because of all that has happened only because I once saw this movie makes it so impactful on me.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Do I even have to say something about this? It's Star Wars. 
I first saw this movie at about six or seven years of age. My parents dragged me along on a visit to some friends of theirs and I was really bored. So they gave me a VHS tape of some movie I've never seen. That movie? The original Star Wars. I sat down that afternoon and my life was changed forever. I've of course seen movies before this, mainly of the Disney variety, but this was the movie for me, the one that changed everything.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Before this movie came out I wasn't one much for fantasy. I was 10 and a half years old and the only material in that genre I had actually read were the first few Harry Potter books. So one evening my parents and I went out and we came across a movie theatre downtown that was showing this new Lord of the Rings movie, intrigued we got in. Heck, I still remember how weird it was to go see a movie rated 12, yet being way to young. Its another one of these experiences that changed everything for me, one of those movies that really changed my understanding of cinema and one that started a yearly tradition of going to see the Lord of the Rings movies with my parents, a tradition we rekindled with The Hobbit last December. If a movie that makes you interested in an entire genre isn't impactful then what is?
(Oh, and that movie theatre? I now work there as a student help.)

Yeah, so that's it. Nine movies, eight stories, nine experiences that changed the way I looked at cinema and speculative fiction as a whole. Seeing as all of these are, in some shape or form, genre movies, it probably shouldn't seem as a surprise that I turned out to be a geek. Geek and proud actually. I hope you get that stain I just made out of your clothes. 

So long.

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