Friday, March 18, 2016

Marvel's Civil War 2: Stop Giving Them Money

Civil War 2? Civil War 2.
Civil War 2... 2. Two. Sigh... let's do this then. 

You know, I can feel nothing but numbess anymore for big comic events. Be it Marvel, be it DC, be it Valiant, Dark Horse or insert any number of comic publishers here. When I started out I used to kinda like them for the novelty, but then I'm one of those weirdos that got into comics because of 52 so that might explain it. But really, big comic events have never actually been good. All they ever really do is come up with a stupid, sometimes insultingly stupid, excuse for all the heroes to come together and fight either each other or insert relevant bad guy here. Doesn't help that this comes out when the Civil War movie will be big, so you can add in another strike against this movie because it tries to appeal to a certain zeitgeist that it will never capture. I think the big events annoy me the most because I don't actually read superhero comics for the fighting but for the drama. Fighting, to me, is padding. An event is nothing but padding. Padded so much it could be a Kardashian. See, now there is a useless, soon-to-fade, culture joke. 

But really, big comic events will never stop, no matter how much people on the internet will complain about them. Exactly for the same reason, by the way, why Michael Bay will never disappear: because it works. They sell. Critical acclaim doesn't matter, as long as Marvel can shift a couple of ten thousand issues more than on the average book you can be sure these events will continue. It is the same useless cycle we continue every single time an event comes out, every single time a stupid blockbuster comes out. People complain, people state that Michael Bay or insert any other creative hack here, has ruined their childhood... and then they will turn around and go see it. You see that all the time. People dislike something so much, that they will spend money opening night to see it, or run out and get it on release day, just so they can get online and say they hate it. Fine, more power to you, everyone needs a hobby. Mine's running a Tripple-Z-list online blog, so we all have our crosses to bear. Just don't complain when they will continue to create more derivative drissel. I know the expression "don't like it, don't read" is a terrible point to make in regard to criticism, but money talks, and in the immortal words of President George W Bush: 

Or something. Please, do yourself, your wallet, and creativity a big service by not falling for marketing ploys and shallow entertainment over and over again. 

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