Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Even If Bernie Sanders Loses He Will Signal A Change in America's Political System

From an outsider's perspective who is also majoring in history just my two cents: despite the hype around Bernie and him being objectively the best candidate, I don't think and outside of a fleeting hope for my friends abroad I never thought Bernie could win. The country isn't ready. But what it does show is a sign of things changing. Your country seems to have finally woken up from the nightmare that your political system has turned into: center-right and right wing. The fact alone that Bernie had a shot of being on equal footing with Hillary, even if he pulled in two hundred delegates less than Hillary, he still pulled in three hundred or so. A respectable number for a self-proclaimed social democrat. It is a sign that socialism is no longer a word that Americans fear. That burden of the Cold War seems to be dying off. And yet, as harsh as it may sound, because we all love our grandparents... the lack of generational change due to prologened live expectancy and voter disillusionment in the younger generations has created a point in time where third party candidates, which, let's be honest, Bernie is in all but name, can be profoundly electable, just not in Party Primaries yet. But that will change in the next decade. Bernie will probably never reach the White House. He doesn't have to. Societal change has always been glacial. It just appears to have been rapid in retrospect. Give it another election cycle or two and within the next decade you will see more progressive candidates winning Presidential elections. It's a shame, there is frustration, especially because the US and the rest of the world are facing great challenges in the next decade or two. Change will come, eventually. That comma and the word "eventually", trust me, is the worst thing to say when studying anything history related.

(That awkward moment when the title is longer than the 2cents)

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